685-PM - Panavise AMPS Tipper

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This is an awesome add-on to an already good idea. First you choose your vehicle specific InDash mount from the Panavise choices and then add this little darling for more adjustment from glare or just the right angle and you are there! The Tipper is a ball & socket type device that allows that little extra needed distance between the InDash mount and the vehicle's dash board or trim bezel. We've used them in the past when installing Sirius satellite radios or XM radios and the antenna wires, power wires, and audio wires all join the cradle or docking station via little teenie, weenie ports on the backside of the cradle. This will allow for the extra room needed to make the connection and provide ample distance. We highly recommend the Tipper 685-PM!!!
On-Site Wireless On The Road!!!