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On-Site Wireless has painstakingly gone out and hand-picked the best manufacturers and the best products in the electronics world and brought them to you at a reasonable price!  We specialize in mounting solutions for Sirius XM Satellite Radio in vehicles so that there are "No-Holes" in the vehicles dash.We sell great products from Panavise, Bracketron, Pro-Fit, Escort Radar, Clarion, Motorola, THBury, and many, many others for the automotive world.

And we even carry many hard to find products for Home Theater, CCTV, Surveillance, and Audio/Video Entertainment!


Product of the day

727-04 - Panavise Slimline 4" Pedestal
$22.95   $19.95
727-04 - Panavise Slimline 4" Pedestal
10 days

809 - Panavise CCTV Camera Window Mount
$25.99   $22.99
A powerful suction pad attaches this mount to car, truck, van and SUV windows. Designed for temporary surveillance or in-vehicle camera systems. Users report... More
10 days
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